"For the past fifteen years, we had either broken even or lost a little. This year, using the initiative and plans developed by you, we have had a 72% annual revenue increase with over 15% net profit. Now we are really on a roll!"

-Roger Blaine, CEO, Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning

"As a result of the sales and management team changes you helped us put into place and the new level of performance from my team, I recently had to face an unusual problem. Mid-year our net profits were six times what they had ever had been & I had to figure out what to do with the money! Thanks again."

-Mark Walsh, CEO, Rogue Engineering

"Jerry, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. There have been a lot of other consult-ants talk to me over time, even ones specifically from my industry, and no one else has given me the kind of insights that you have. Your perceptions, knowledge and ability to communicate knowledge of how business really works are at a whole different level, deeper than anyone else. Plus, you made us $50,000 in the first four hours of consulting!"

-David Wostarek, Owner, Northwest Imports

"Jerry, you led our Governing Board and Administration through a process that allowed us to resolve a complicated personnel management situation that had us hog-tied for years. Now that we are out the other side, we deeply appreciate the clean fresh air of being back on track and unified as a team again, all pulling together. None of this would have been possible without your professionalism and expertise. You brought new life to us. Thanks again."

-Mike Smith, President, Governing Board of Chaparral Star Academy

"Jerry, working with you is the best money I've ever spent."

-Michael Johnston, President, Johnston Commercial

"The final output from the project far exceeded our expectations, and I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn and Amera Consulting Group for the work that they do."

-Gary Bronner, Chief Operating Officer, Avalon Advisors


Amera Consulting's $10,000 Promise | Small Business Consulting Services, Austin-San Antonio, TX

The $10,000 Promise & Pricing Estimate Worksheet

Nine times out of ten when I go into a small business to consult I find pricing issues.  Many companies don't know what they should be charging.  They don't know if they should raise or lower prices.  They don't know how much profit they have built into the sale of their product or how much profit they have built into an estimate or a bid for a job they propose to perform.  For a business, not knowing this is unacceptable. 


Let me state the obvious: If you're not turning a decent profit now, then you're not pricing properly... or... your costs (labor, material and/or overhead) are too high; one or the other.


And I always hear the same thing initially from my clients:  "I know my costs are in line and I just can't charge any more." Sorry, I don't buy it. There are too many companies making money.  How do they do it?  I inevitably go through a process of getting business owners to understand pricing concepts and the ingredients for proper pricing; things such as true costs of labor and material, overhead load and optimum profit level by job or product. There is a concept called margin mix.  All owners should grasp it.


Many of you may know these concepts or are close to knowing them. But even if you don't know exactly, you can still use a simple Excel program for your pricing  that you could enter numbers into and probably give you a better number than what you are charging for your product or service now.  


Here's the promise:



If you have proper financials and generally know true costs (labor burden, etc)


know your proper overhead load (e-mail me if you don't, I'll help you calculate)


provide a quality product or service


your business does at least $300,000 a year in sales


and you use the downloaded bidding tool to raise or lower your prices accordingly... 


You will make at least an additional $10,000 profit  in the next 6 months. And probably a lot more. It works every time!


Just click on the download form below.  It's a simple Excel spreadsheet. Get familiar with it.  Use your own bidding system; then use this one to compare.  It will tell you what you should be charging to make your desired profit level. Over time, start using this one all the time.


If the prices estimated are too high in your mind, then you must take a hard look at your costs.  It's pretty basic.  Remember: No profit or low profit equals either prices too low or costs too high. 


If you need help with this tool, in reducing your costs, if pricing looks skewed, or if you have any questions, contact me, (e-mail: Jerry@BusinessConsultantAustin.com, ph. 1-512-934-4313) and I will get back to you within a day.


(Depending on your industry, you may need another type of pricing tool. Contact me.)

...And you need to be job costing also.  This spreadsheet has a job cost tool also.

To go to the Download Page, please fill out this form.

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Jerry Llewellyn,
Business Consultant


Randy Moon,
Business Consultant


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