"For the past fifteen years, we had either broken even or lost a little. This year, using the initiative and plans developed by you, we have had a 72% annual revenue increase with over 15% net profit. Now we are really on a roll!"

-Roger Blaine, CEO, Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning

"As a result of the sales and management team changes you helped us put into place and the new level of performance from my team, I recently had to face an unusual problem. Mid-year our net profits were six times what they had ever had been & I had to figure out what to do with the money! Thanks again."

-Mark Walsh, CEO, Rogue Engineering

"Jerry, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. There have been a lot of other consult-ants talk to me over time, even ones specifically from my industry, and no one else has given me the kind of insights that you have. Your perceptions, knowledge and ability to communicate knowledge of how business really works are at a whole different level, deeper than anyone else. Plus, you made us $50,000 in the first four hours of consulting!"

-David Wostarek, Owner, Northwest Imports

"Jerry, you led our Governing Board and Administration through a process that allowed us to resolve a complicated personnel management situation that had us hog-tied for years. Now that we are out the other side, we deeply appreciate the clean fresh air of being back on track and unified as a team again, all pulling together. None of this would have been possible without your professionalism and expertise. You brought new life to us. Thanks again."

-Mike Smith, President, Governing Board of Chaparral Star Academy

"Jerry, working with you is the best money I've ever spent."

-Michael Johnston, President, Johnston Commercial

"The final output from the project far exceeded our expectations, and I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn and Amera Consulting Group for the work that they do."

-Gary Bronner, Chief Operating Officer, Avalon Advisors


About Randy Moon | U.S. Small Business Consultant, Austin-San Antonio, Texas

Randy Moon

Quick Bio & Accomplishments

austin Small Business Consulting ReferralRandy brings over 22 years of management experience to your business. He has owned and run small businesses. He has worked in medium size companies (Tradesmen Internationall, International Profit Associates) and in large companies (FedEx). He has been a change catalyst and special projects person, always hand-chosen to rise from his regular job to tackle new and emerging problems in other areas of the company. He has opened new markets and branch stores and taught General Managers how to build and grow their companies.

Randy found his niche working with smaller businesses ($100,000 to $20 mil in annual sales) helping them overcome the problems that all small businesses have, increasing sales, and creating stability, growth and positive change.


With a $2.5 mil HVAC company near State College, PA, Randy helped turn a $20,000 dollar a month loss into a $40,000 dollar a month gain in just 2 short months. It took 3 basic things to accomplish this:

  1. Proper pricing on service calls and installation estimates

  2. Reducing overhead (we didn?t need 9 office people)

  3. ?Quick Cycled? their billing process, uncovering slow billing and missing or lost invoices for work completed.

At a $7 mil union Concrete Contractor in St. Louis, MO, Randy installed better estimating methods, an incentive plan, and initiated productivity gains, netting the owners over $700 thousand dollars in bottom line profits over the next two years. Six months after the project started, the owner handed out over $100,000 in incentives spread over 32 employees. They had a great Christmas!

In a $1.5 mil HVAC/Refrigeration company in Holland, MI, Randy re-organized the company, installed productivity, an incentive plan, and estimating and pricing changes that helped the company grow to $2.5 mil in annual sales, and net an additional $200,000 dollars per year.

austin Small Business Consulting ReferralThe sales at a Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing company in Norfolk, VA jumped to $150,000 per month, from a previous $35,000, after only one month of working with Randy. He also installed measuring tools to gauge the productivity and growth of the company.

Randy helped structure better cash flow usage and methodology, along with a productivity-based incentive plan and new marketing schemes to take an Automotive Repair shop in Modesto, CA out of a loss and closure situation into a solid business with growing sales and profits of 10 to 15% annually. He also helped this client find a mortgage lender for their lease-to-own home that allowed them to purchase and gain over $120,000 in built-in equity. (No extra charge for that). All a part of helping out.

Randy helped re-structure an Anaheim, CA based General Contractor ($17 mil in sales 2007). He gave them an estimating tool to improve their job pricing, and installed an incentive plan which netted the owners over $300,000 the first year and headed toward an increase in profits of $500,000 at the end of fiscal year 2007.

Randy worked with a Sign company in Healdsburg, CA with re-structuring, productivity, an employee incentive plan, and estimating/pricing improvements that increased net profit margins from 5% to over 18%. The profits continue to grow. The employees are also pretty happy.

He worked with a small Cable and Television Installer near Savannah, GA, improving their record keeping and processes along with improving their marketing methods. This little company has since been able to move into a larger retail building with higher visibility, add television retail sales as a profit center, and saw a 100% jump in sales over the next year.

These are a few of the achievements Randy has accomplished over time in the consulting field. Randy has worked with several companies who are looking to bring their son or daughter into their businesses to manage, and eventually take over. He has helped set retirement plans, facilitated the sale of companies bringing together buyers and sellers, and helped overcome obstacles. He has shown business owners how to plot their exit strategy, get control of cash flow, establish lines of credit,  and grow to the next level.

He builds long term relationships with his clients, and has built his consulting business mainly from those clients and the referrals they have made. (Please see the referrals page)

Companies worked for:Randy Moon, austin Business Consultant

  • FedEx

  • Tradesmen International

  • Nelson Distribution

  • International Profit Associates

  • Wysong Associates Marketing

  • Self-Employed


  • MBA Business Baylor University

  • BA Humanities University of Texas at Dallas

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Business Consultant


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